Making A “Case” for the Reconstitution of Srila Prabhupada’s “Mission

The Divinity of Sri Caitannya Mahaprabghu

By B.G. Narasingha

Segment 11

Refutation of Objection 4

“Those quotes that you use which can be found are conveniently interpreted by you to promote the cause of your own sect”

This is consistent within the sampradayika tradition and those within that school are satisfied.  However, those outside that fold may not accept such interpretations.  For example, you accuse us of misinterpreting verses to suite our own purpose in establishing the divinity of Mahaprabhu, yet you have done the same, quoting the Balittha Sukta as evidence to show your Acarya as the incarnation of Mukhya Prana.  Therefore, with this line of reasoning, you discredit your own Madhva line.