Article By: Swami B.G. Narasingha
The Divinity of Sri Caitanya Mahaprabhu
Segment 17
Refutation of Objection 9
Part 1

 Similarly, the followers of Sri Chaitanya say that the facts presented by Srila Kaviraja Gosvami in Sri Chaitanya Caritamrta are authentic because they are taken from the personal diaries of Sri Murari Gupta and Sri Svarupa Damodara Gosvami, two intimate associates of Mahaprabhu.  The diaries are still available and it would be absurd to argue that someone would exaggerate or lie when writing a personal diary.   

When Vrndavana Dasa Thakura wrote his Chaitanya Bhagavata, many personal associates of Mahaprabhu were still physically present.  The fact that Chaitanya Bhagavata was accepted as a genuine biography by all of these associates is proof that the events therein are not exaggerated or false.   

In fact, the Gaudiya Vaisnavas accept Madhvacarya as the incarnation of Vayu, and respect the exalted position of Narayana Pandita-carya and his biography of Madhva.  However, as stated before we are using such arguments to show that such logic can work both ways.   

We may now present a question to our Tattvavadi friends — what is the yuga-dharma and who is the yuga-avatara? 

The following quotes are presented thus:  

Srimad Bhagavatam 11.5.36, 

“Those who are actually advanced in knowledge are able to appreciate the essential value of this age of Kali.  Such enlightened persons worship Kali-yuga because in this fallen age all perfection of life can easily be achieved by the performance of Sankirtana.”  

Visnu Purana, 

“The most important factor in this Age of Kali, which is an ocean of faults, is that one can be free from all contamination and become eligible to enter the kingdom of God simply by chanting the Holy Names.  The self-realization that was achieved in the Satya millennium by meditation, in the Treta millennium by the performance of different sacrifices, and in the Dvapara millennium by worship of Lord Krishna can be achieved in the Age of Kali simply by chanting the Holy Name” 

“The supreme goal which was attained in Satya-yuga by years of prolonged meditation; in Treta-yuga by performing extensive yajnas; in Dvapara-yuga by opulent and scrupulous Deity worship; in Kali-yuga the same results are easily had simply by the chanting of the holy name.”  

Brhad Naradiya Purana, 

harer nama harer nama 
harer namaiva kevalam 
kalau nasty eva nasty eva 
nasty eva gatir anyatha  

“In this age of quarrel and hypocrisy the only means of deliverance is chanting of the holy name of the Lord.  There is no other way.  There is no other way.  There is no other way.” 


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