Aspects of Vaisnava Theory & Practice
Making a "Case" for the Reconstitution of Srila Prabhupada's "Mission"
The Modes of Material Nature

Chapter 01: Why Study the Three Modes of Material Nature?   


Segment 01: Introduction to Why Study the Three Modes of Material Nature?   

Segment 02: Unwanted Creepers Part 1

Segment 03: Unwanted Creepers Part 2

Segment 04: Responsibility, This Is No Exaggeration.

Segment 05: Be a Victor Not a Victim.


Chapter 02: What Are The Three Modes?


 Segment 06: Ignorance Is No Excuse

Segment 07: Putting This Knowledge to Work

Segment 08: Three Features of The Modes

Segment 09: Something Exceptional

Segment 10: The Danger of The Mode of Goodness

Segment 11: Accept What’s Favorable


Chapter 3: Which Mode Is Preferred?


Segment 12: Judge by The Results

Segment 13: But Devotees Are Above the Modes

Segment 14: Symptoms of One Above the Modes.

Segment 15: The Better Part of Valor


Chapter 4: Devotional Service In Knowledge Is Best


Segment 16: Introduction to Devotional Service In Knowledge Is Best

Segment 17: Do not Just Throw Yourself on The Track

Segment 18: We Should Always Take the Long View

Segment 19: Misconceptions About Love

Segment 20: Love Is Work (Service)

Segment 21: Sentimental Means Poor Discrimination

Segment 22: Bhakti-Yoga Is a Science

Segment 23: Mercy Abounds .          

Segment 24: The Only Qualification

Segment 25: Simply Become Bold for Krishna

Segment 26: Soft-Hearted Does Not Mean Mushy

Segment 27: Krishna Is All-Sweet

Segment 28: Discrimination: Seeing Through the Shastra


Chapter 5: Freedom from the Modes or Pure Bhakti?


Segment 29: Symptoms of One Transcendentally Situated

Segment 30: First Be Free of The Modes

Segment 31: Do We Have a Choice?

Segment 32: Who Can Be Spiritual Master?

Segment 33: Who Can Be a Disciple?

Segment 34: A Word of Caution

Segment 35: Fanatic Disciples: What Mode Are They In?

Segment 36: The Accelerated Process


Chapter 6: Bhakti Mixed With The Three Modes Of Nature


Segment 37: A Popular Misconception

Segment 38: Mixed Devotional Service Is Not Good Enough

Segment 39: No Substitute For Pure Devotional Service

Segment 40: Dare to Discriminate?  But of Course

Segment 41: Dare to Question?  Why Not?

Segment 42: Become a Responsible Follower

Segment 43: What About the Mercy of The Lord?

Segment 44: Mixed Devotional Service

Segment 45: Bhakti in The Mode of Ignorance

Segment 46: Bhakti in The Mode of Passion

Segment 47: Bhakti in The Mode of Goodness


Chapter 7: Mixed Devotional Service


Segment 48: Introduction to Mixed Devotional Service

Segment 49: Fault-Finding Versus Discrimination

Segment 50: It is Not All About Getting Glory

Segment 51: A Devotee Is a Mahatma, Not a Duratma

Segment 52: The Varieties of Devotee Dealings

Segment 53: The Highest Principle

Segment 54: The Sentimental Paradigm

Segment 55: We Should Be Self-Critical

Segment 56: The Personal Ambition Syndrome

Segment 57: The Downline Syndrome

Segment 58: Killing a Sacred Cow

Segment 59: What Pleases Prabhupada Most

Segment 60: I am Doing This for Prabhupada

Segment 61: A Question of Loyalty  

Segment 62: New Vrindavana

Chapters 8-13 & Appendix, are Bbeing Edited & Formatted, for Posting to Website

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