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This Website, is a “Work and Progress” Endeavor & A Request for Assistance

This Website, is a “work and progress” end  eavor. There are several features to this website, and each feature has considerable material to be presented, and only so much can be done, daily.  FYI, I am 76-year-old, have survived a Cardiac-arrest 2 years ago, I am also legally Blind, with my left eye totally blind, and with the little and very poor vision I have in my right eye, I can only tolerate the strain for an hour or two, and them the vision starts to get really “foggy”, along with other weird-visual phenomena; due to the retina becoming swollen.  Nevertheless, I have vowed to my spiritual master, Srila Prabhupada, and Sri Caitanya Mahaprabhu, and Lord Sri Krishna, that I will complete this effort, even if it kills me.  Going to my Dialysis treatments, and numerous VA Hospital Clinic appointment, takes many hours that I am not able to work on this project.  However, my nature is to use the remainder of my waking hours, until I am not able to continue, and I must take rest.

Hence, I humbly request assistance, which can be rendered virtually and on-line through the Internet.  Moreover, I am hoping that those who can write and communicate this wonderful, and superlative, Gaudiya Vaisnavas Philosophy, and Srila Prabhupada’s teachings, will step up and contribute to the purpose of this Web-site.

I have a very powerful Web-Building software tool, by the name of “Elementor Pro”.   The Elementor page builder is used not only by developers, but also by solo-entrepreneurs who run websites on their own.  Elementor has many professionals who use it in their practice of Web-site Designers and Developers. Nevertheless, what makes it stand out from the competition, is the intuitive and snappy UI (User-Interface).  It is superiors to Wixs & Go-Daddy to name a few. 

  It is easy to use, even for users without any design or development background.  I used to be a Business Computer System Consultant before I retired, and went to live in Vrindavana India in 1993.  I have been able to build this first version of this Web-site, with knowledgeable understanding of what I estimate is only 10% of this software’s capabilities.  I researched and found that in 2018 there was around 8 million users, and the beginning of 2019 brought that total to around 10 million.  The most recent figure I could find, is that it had reached 12 million users at the end of 2019.  As you may be able to figure out, I am hosting this Web-site at WordPress.com; which is used by many Blog-er, and Pod-casters.

In addition, I am looking for anyone who may have the skill in programing a “block-chain” applications; which will take this Website to a “higher-level” on the internet.  A “White Paper” will be written in order to stimulate this project into existence

You will see on the Saragrahi.org Content Page, what components will comprise this website.  If they do not have a “hyperlink”, that means that it is being worked on, and is not ready, and therefore, you will see what is in “work in progress”, and you might be inspired to help in some way.  The facilitator of this website, will welcome any assistance.  The development of this Website, is “Cloud-Based”, and is done in “Real-Time”.  Hence, anyone, on this Planet Earth, can participate in its development. 

Thank you for visiting our site.  We hope that you will find much of value to your spiritual life on these pages, and that many of you will participate with us in examining the philosophy and practice of Krishna consciousness for the benefit of all.