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Hare Krishna!  Jai Sri Nam!   Jai Srila Prabhupada 

If you, for any reason, have a need to contact me.  The following is my contact details; .at the present time.

Moreover, if you have an Essay, Paper, or Poem that you would like to have posted on this Website, Please submit it in MS-Word or PDF Document Format, and send it to the Following e-mail address or Phone Number

Upendranath Dasa;

Email me at:

My Phone Number is:

424 229 0082


"Hare Krishna" Your Comment(s), will be Appreciated! "Thank You"

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Syamasudara Das (Ramesvara, Janmastami 1978)
Syamasudara Das (Ramesvara, Janmastami 1978)
1 month ago

Typographical errors, I suspect:

“Websit contents” may be a typo, or the field is cropping the contents.

“Please submit it in eight MS-Word or PDF Document ” is most likely Auto Correct making a bad guess.

I am thrilled to find your website. An associate wondered what I meant by Churchianity, and Google returned Saragrahi.

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