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The Following, are the Particulars, Which are Used to Navigate This Website


Accordion Menus


This Website has multiple Accordion Menu’s (AM’s), which are used to display:

  • “Text”,
  • “Links to Website Text Pages”,
  • ““Links to Website Content Menus”.

AM’s are either One Single AM “Item”, or Multiple AM “Items”.

Single AM, Notice the Round Icon with Golden Leaf, and Magenta Background


Multiple Item AM, with 5 Items


The “AM’s), facilitate the above, in a collapsed, condensed manner, allowing the saving of space, while still presenting an abundance of “Content”; all on the same Website Page. 

An AM can be intensified, by an “Icon” on the left side.  The Icon, has a “Light-Golden” Colored “Leaf” in the middle, with a “Magenta” Colored-Background

Like an Accordion, the AM Menus, can be opened (it expands), and closed (it collapses)

With the Accordion, visitors can scan the “Item” titles, and choose to expand that AM “Item”, only if it is of interest. 

You can distinguish an AM “item”, because it will be enclosed with a “Gold or Light Blue” Grooved Boarders. 

The AM “Item” title contains a Brief Description of the Contents of that AM “Item”. 

Also, the AM “Item”, if it is a Single-Item; it may have a Dark-Blue “Shadow”

Grouped, Multiple AM’s normally do not have Shadows.


How “AM’s” Works


If you “Hover” your Mouse “Over” any type of AM, or “Click” on the AM, the Icon Leaf will turn to Magenta-color, with a “Light-Blue” Background.  This color change will remain until the “Item” is “Closed” (Collapsed).

 Right-Click with your mouse on any “Item”, of any of the “AM’s” on this Website; and the contents of that “Item” will “Open”, and drop down like an Accordion below the “Item”. 

Right-Click with your mouse on any “Item” that is “Open”, and it will Collapse up, and Close like an Accordion.

Notice that when an AM “Item” is closed, it has a Plus-sign (+), at the Right margin.  And when the AM “Item” is opened (Collapsed), it has a Minius-sign ().


If you have a Smart-Phone or Tablet, or a Laptop, or Desktop PC, that has a Touch-Screen; tap on the desired “Item” with your finger, and the same will happen as described in the instructions above for a mouse.


Link “Tabs” or also known as “Buttons”


 Links Buttons, are all “Rectangles”, of different widths,  with “Thin Light-Green Boarders”, and may or may not have the corners rounded (radiused).

Buttons can be identified, by an “Small Pointed ‘Thick Arrow Pointer Icon” at the “Upper-Right-Hand-Corner”. See Examples Below: 

If you Hover or Click the Button with you Mouse, or your Finger, the Button, will have an Animation “Peeling” the Back-Arrow from the Top-Right-Corner Icon, until it fills the whole Button with a Black-Colored Background.  In the case of Smart-Phones, there will only be a “Small” Black Rectangle that Peels Back across the Top-Right-Corner of the Link Button.

Link Buttons, normally have a White Colored Background.  These Buttons usually are Links to “Text-Content-Pages” or “Content-Menu-Pages”. 

With the exception of the Buttons labeled “Previous” and “Next”; these Buttons will have a “Light-Blue” Colored Background.  These Link Buttons, Link to the “Next-Page”, or the “Previous-Page”, in a Sequence of Website-Pages.

“Previous” and “Next” Example

This example has one Button Link with a White Background, and two Button Links with a Light-Blue Background.

There are many Content Menus, that will be presented directly from this Website Content Page.

 These Content Menus contain the Standard Link format, which is Underlined, in Bold, and Font-Color is Magenta.  See Example below:

 This type of Link is executed with a Right-Click with your mouse, or touch or tap with your finger, on a Smart-phone, Tablet, Laptop, or Desktop PC with a Touch-Screen.


Temporary Notice


Until I complete the Modifications to all the Pages (over 900), there will still be some other formats of Links, that I was experimenting with until, I settled to the ones that I  have presented.  The following is a brief description of them.

Link Format 1:  This one is a sperate and individual “Button” Link.  Its Text color maybe Magenta, White, Yellow, or Gold, and it has a “arrowhead” spinning, very quickly, around the Link description, while leaving its trail behind. Engaging this Link will cause it to “Glow” in a neon-bright color by hovering you mouse over it, or touching it lightly with you finger if you have a touch-screen Device.  Execution of this “Link” is caused by a Right-Click, with your mouse, or taping on it, with your finger, if you have a touch-screen Device.

Link Format 2 & 3:  These are considered “Grouped Buttons” Links.  Usually, there are either a Group of 2 or 3 Button.  This format has the following definitions.

Link Format 2: The following Links, with these descriptions, will return you to the “Website Content Page”


  • Website Contents  
  • Saragrahi.Org 
  • WC  
  • Contents  


Link Format 3: The following Link Formats with these descriptions, will either cause you to go to the “Next: Segment (Page), or return to the “Previous” Segment (Page).

“P”, or “< P”, or “Previous” = Will take you to the Previous Segment (page).

“N”, or “>N”, or “Next” = Will take you the Next Segment (page).

Home-Page Screen Shot

Home-Page Link Buttons, and AM


The Home-Page has Four (4) Link Buttons (See Screen Photo Above):

  1. Website-Contents: Link to the Website-Content Page.
  2. Site-Navigation: Link to the Page giving Instruction on how to Navigate this Website.
  3. About-Us: Link to a sequence of Multiply Pages, which explain, the Purpose and Agenda of this Website.
  4. Contact-Us: Link to a Page explain how you can contact the facilitator of

It also has one Single AM “Item”, with Heading-Title:

“CLICK” on this Header, to Hear About-Us in “Audio”

 Executing this AM (See Screen Photo Below), will produce below this AM Item Header, an “Audio Playlist” of the Multiple Pages, in Audio, that represent the Text Pagse, of the “About-Us” Link Button.  This is the first attempt, in have an AI Human Voices read the text contents of the of Pages on this Website.  

(At this time, I have to re-generate the AI Voice Audio Files to match the current Text Contents of the “About-Us” Pages.)

  Home Page Audio-Playlist Screen Shot

Website Content Page Screen Shot


The “Website-Contents” Page consist of 2 Multiple-Item “AM’s”, and Ten (10) Button Links.

One AM is at the Top of the Left Section on Computers or Tablets, or the First Section on a Smart Phone.

The other one is at the Top of the Right Section on Computers or Tablets, or the Second Section on a Smart Phone.


Left Section of the “Website Contents” Page


Top Part of Left Section:

The first Four AM’s contain the First Four of the “Nine Featured Presentations”, Numbers 1-4, written by Srila Prabhupada Disciples, and which all, are big sized-books, ranging from 400 to 900 pages long. 

The last AM contains the other 5 Featured Presentation, which comprise the “Aspects of Vaisnava Theory & Practice”; Featured Presentations Numbers 5-9, written by Srila Prabhupada Disciples; each a small size book, ranging from 200 to 300 pages long.

For this Website, these books manuscripts, have been Edited into Sections or Chapters; each having Multiple small “Segments” consisting of 1 to 6 pages of each book.  This will facilitate the reader to read one “Segment” or more, as they desire.


Bottom Part of Left Section


At the bottom of this Section, your will find 2 Video Play List Button Links, which are Large Long Button Links, and are self-explanatory in their Contents. 

The Last item in this Section is a One Audio File Player, of Srila Prabhupada Chanting Japa. 

Right Sections of the “Website Contents” Page


Top Part of Right Section


The Top-Section is entitled “Krishna-Katha”; which is Multiple-Item “AM”; which contains 6 “Items.. 

The 5 “Items” are:

  1. Audio-Versions of Srila Prabhupada’s Bhagavad-gita.
  2. Audio-Versions of Srila Prabhupada’s Srimad-bhagavatam.
  3. Audio-Versions of Srila Prabhupada’s Caitanya-caritamrta.
  4. Audio-Versions of Other Books by Srila Prabhupada.
  5. Audio-Versions of Books By Past Acaryas: Srila Vyasa-deva, Srila Sanatana Goswami, Srila Jiva Goswami, Srila Vrindavana Dasa Thakur, Srila Visvanatha Cakravarti Thakur, Srila Bhaktivinoda Thakur, and Srila Bhaktisiddhanta Saraswat Prabhupada.

The Middle Part of the Right Section, is entitled “Sadhu-sanga”


It contains Three (3)) Long Button Links:

  1. “Contributing Authors”: A Link to all Contributing Authors, Menu’s listing their all-individual Contribution.
  2. “All Contribution: A Link to Menu of all Contributions posted to Website.
  3. “How to Make Contribution”.

Bottom Part, of Right Section


At the Bottom of this Right Section are the “Kirtana Audio Playlists” Long Button Links.

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