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What is The Eternal & Constitutional Function of The Jiva/Soul?
Chapter "One"
The Eternal & Temporary Natures of the Jiva/Soul

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Segment 14

The jiva who is awakened from deep sleep, a condition that is anadi (eternal).

  • Did not have a choice to be in deep sleep
  • Did not have the choice of being woken up from this deep sleep.
  • Did not have the choice of its first body after awakening.
  • Including its first body and all the bodies in-between its first human body, this jiva did not have a choice to serve Krishna or to serve Maya as it progress up the chain of species.
  • Only when this jiva obtained a human body for the first time, did it have the facility or capacity to make a choice to serve Krishna or to serve Maya.
  • If you are a jiva that has been awake anadi.
  • This jiva had no choice to be in thisanadi 
  • Any time this jiva has a human form of life it has the facility and capacity to make a choice to serve Krishna or to serve Maya.
  • Because this jiva is still in this material world, it has been choosing to serve Maya instead of Krishna eternally in the past.rary function, and disposition known as naimittika-dharma.  The eternal function is one, indivisible, and faultless in all different situations.  However, the temporary function assumes many

My final conclusion is that all conditioned Jivas in the material world did not have a choice to be here. 

The only 2 choices the Jivas has in the material world is,

  1. To choose to stay here in the material world,
  2. Or to leave the material world. 

There is no choice to come here, to this material world; from somewhere else, like the spiritual world or any other place for that matter.  The only choice is to go from here, (the material world), to somewhere else like the spiritual world.  That is the way it is.  Whatever is inconceivable is inconceivable.  Moreover, even if it were possible to explain to us how and why it is inconceivable, we would still not understand, because we are conditioned jivas.  In addition, to satisfy some people, you can say that it is more or less irrelevant, depending on your angle of vision.

The nitya-dharma of the jiva is servitor ship to Krishna.  When it forgets this, it is subjected to the tyranny of maya, and from that very moment, it becomes diverted from Krishna.  The fall of the jiva does not take place within the context of material time.  Accordingly, the jiva has been diverted since time without beginning.  From the moment of this diversion, and the jiva’s entry into maya, his nitya-dharma becomes perverted.  Therefore, by the association of maya, the jiva develops an acquired nature, which thus facilitates the display of his tempo

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