Current Articles, Essays, Papers, or Coment. In Order by Date, Desending

Segment 01: “The Tragedy of all Great Religions”

Segment 02: “Rationalization: The Counterfeit of Reason”

Segment 03: “Authoritarian Religion”

Segment 04: “Sheep Nature and Human Nature”

Segment 05: “The Double Standard”

Segment 06: “Sin and the Response to It”

Segment 07: “The Main Qualification for Getting Ahead”

Segment 08: “Humanitarian Religion”

Segment 09: “The True Heroes of the Human Race”

Segment 10: “A Social Order that Develops Reason; Varnasrama Society

Segment 11: “The Authoritarian/Masochistic Character”

Segment 12: “The Result”

Segment 13: “Conclusion”

Segment 14: “ISKCON Book Banning!  Are we Going to do the Needful?


Part 1: “I may not agree with what you say, but I will defend with my life< your right to say it.”

Part 2: “Srila Prabhupada has something to say about ‘Blind Faith’” 

Part 3: “An author should not accept responsibility for others’ feelings.  An author should accept responsibility for his own feelings.  And an author should expect that on this site, others will do likewise

Part 4: “A Person of Integrity”.

Segment 1: What is Bhakti? 

Segment 2: Objectivity/Subjectivity.

Segment 3: Faith/Doubt.       

Segment 4: The True Basis of Reality.  

Segment 5: Matter is Not the True Basis of Reality, but Consciousness; and Consciousness Implies Being          

Segment 6: How Does Bhakti Propose to do What Conventional Science Can Only Infer?

Segment 7: Are the Laws of the Science of Bhakti Certain?           

Segment 8: Certainty/Uncertainty.

Segment 01: The DOM Part 1

Segment 02: The DOM Part 2

Segment 03: The DOM Part 3

Segment 04: Removal of Temple Presidents

Segment 05: Elections of GBCs

Segment 06: Srila Prabhupada on Relationship Between The GBC And Temple Management

Segment 07: Srila Prabhupada on Temple President Is Elected

Segment 08: Srila Prabhupada on Removal Of Temple President

Segment 09: Srila Prabhupada On Management In General, Part 1

Segment 10: Srila Prabhupada On Management In General, Part 2

Segment 11: Srila Prabhupada On Management In General, Part 3

Segment 12: Concluding Commentary Part 1

Segment 13: Concluding Commentary Part 2

Segment 14: Concluding Commentary Part 3 .

Part 1: “Free or Should I Say “Easy” Tickets to Vaikuntha?”

Part 2: “Srila Prabhupada Gave Many Warnings For Us to be Aware Of.”

Part 3:  “Hence, Some Questions Naturally Come to Mind.”

Part 4: “Let’s Look at the Definition of the Word’s “Evil” and “Wicked”.

Part 5: “What is More Evil or More Wicked?  Physical Life Mas Murder or Spritual Life Mas Murder?”