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A Introductory Mix of the Last Six Months of Srila Prabhupada Being Present
Segment 010
Unknown, October 9, 1977
Part 2

That evening Yasodanandana Swami was chanting the brahma-samhita for Srila Prabhupada and Prabhupada stopped him and began to preach,

 “That will be our excellent achievement.  This is our mission.  Whatever we have got, teach others.  Distress, the whole world is filled.  Did you recite these verses in Fiji?”

“Yes!”  Replied Yasodanandana.

Prabhupada asked if they appreciated and again the answer was yes.  Then Prabhupada said,

“The Gurukula is meant for this purpose.  Teach them and let them go around the world to teach.  Durlabha manava-janama satsange taraha he bhava-sindhu re.  This is our mission”.

Then Prabhupada mentioning a verse from the Sri Isopanisad,

 “kurvann eveha karmani jijivisec chatam samah”

“How many things we have to do for preaching, for teaching, live hundreds of years, that is jivivisec”.

He the talked about the good reports that he has been receiving from Tehran and commented,

“Everyone can take if one is actually a gentleman.  So, we have this Gurukula.  Good chance for teaching future preachers.  Prepare and sent out.  How much tremendous work we must do?  It is unlimited”.

“And you have to lead us Srila Prabhupada”.  Replied Tamal Krishna.

“Yes, I am prepared, provided Krishna allows me”.

Tamal Krishna mentioned how earlier we had been discussing how nice a devotee Prabhupada was, he is so faithful that Krishna has given him the freedom to do whatever he wants, because He knows that he will do everything for Him.  Prabhupada carried on after a short pause,

Visaya means material activity, so one side is visaya-cariya, one has to give up material activities and engage himself in Krishna consciousness.  This is one side.  And the other side, my Guru Maharaja says Krishna sarviyaha anukule visaya boliya taha haya bule.  Anything with is favorable for Krishna’s seva, if we give up that business as visaya, that is a mistake”.

“So, your life, Srila Prabhupada, is the most favorable thing in this world for spreading Krishna consciousness, so you should not give it up”.  Said Tamal Krishna.

“Anyway, Krishna has given us so many innocent boys.  Yasodanandana Maharaja, you teach them”.

Then after another pause,

“So let there be struggle for existence for this purpose”. 

Prabhupada went on and mentioned that the whole world could be flooded with Krishna consciousness.  Tamal Krishna told him that as he instructs us, then we will carry out his instructions exactly.  Prabhupada immediately said,

“Two things, visaya cariya, material motives should be given up and everything should be engaged for Krishna, whatever favorable.  Then it will be a success”.

A little later Prabhupada was talking about Parivrajakacarya’s attempts to spread Krishna consciousness in Iran, how he began by teaching hatha-yoga and gradually introduced people to bhakti-yoga.  Prabhupada said,

“Yes, this is preaching.  There is a Bengali word, enter like a needle and come out like a plow”.

He then laughed,

“If you say in the beginning, I am a plow, they will not allow you to enter.  Say, I am a needle.  In this way try to serve Krishna, He will give all intelligence”.

The next day in the morning two doctors came to see Prabhupada.  One was an Ayurvedic doctor and another one an allopathic doctor.  Although he is making the effort for survival, Prabhupada is still having tremendous difficulty in coughing up much mucus and is still very very week.  Still his body is very frail and it will be a long time before he regains his strength, and he is continually stressed to us that the real medicine is the hari-nama.  Prabhupada went on.

“He is very intelligent boy, why should he stop typing?  My Guru Maharaja is so pleased.  He said, ‘Whatever money there is, use it to print books.’  He was so happy to print books.  Do it all very nicely.  My guru Maharaja used to say, ‘Go on printing, go on printing.’  I printed my books; now you do it.  these are first class, there is no defeat.  German printing is very favorable.  This is all right.  Thank you”.

Harikesa told Prabhupada that now he must become better, healthier, to finish the Bhagavatam.  Prabhupada replied,

“Healthy?  I have nothing to do with this body.  I have to do with the spiritual world”.

Bhagavan Prabhu also mentioned later to Prabhupada how many books his zone was distributing; they are trying for twenty thousand big books in one week.  Prabhupada was very encouraged and told him,

“Srila Bhaktisiddhanta Sarasvati will give them blessings.  He wanted this”.

Prabhupada managed to spend a restful night, although he had mentioned late in the evening to Tamal Krishna, that every day is a crisis day, and that things were going from bad to worse.  So, although Prabhupada has made the decision to stay with us, we should not become overconfident and think that now we can simply relax, and forget how serious his condition is.  Now we must become more attentive, to chanting very seriously for his pleasure, and to distribute his books more and more because this gives him the highest pleasure.

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