Article By:Upendranath Dasa
Evil Doers, Wicked Persons, And Demons
Part 3
“Hence, Some Questions Naturally Come to Mind.”

Do they actually believe that it is that easy? 

I have observed that in ISKCON, many devotees have such sentimental and “easy” beliefs.  It is a common understanding, by so many in ISKCON, that one is beyond the “Three Modes of Material Nature”, by dint of being initiated into the ISKCON society.  They are being taught not to discriminate, for they may commit Vaishnava-aparadha.  Even though it is clearly stated by Prabhupada, and shastra, that the main symptom of a madhyama-adhikari is discrimination, and by Bhaktivinoda Thakur when he said,

“That one must continuously scrutinize the people one associates with.”

This type of false preaching dooms a devotee to remain a neophyte kanistha-adhikari. 

How can a person make spiritual-life advancement without discrimination? 

Is this person who was preached to like this, is he/her committing “spiritual-life suicide”, or is the preacher, who preached this non-sense, guilty of “spiritual-life murder?” 


Do the preachers who put these “easy” beliefs and ideas, in the devotee’s mind, and those who reinforce these “easy” beliefs and ideas, know the harm they are doing? 

Are they conscious of their crime of spiritual-life murder or are they simply convinced of their own moral righteousness believing it is for the greater glory of God? 

I know of one so-called devotee victim, who has been involved in Krishna-consciousness for over 20 years.  He currently lives in a farm community of devotees.  He has a guru, and has personally argued to me, that he is going to the spiritual world, and will be with Krishna when he dies.  He actually believes that if you just read the Bhagavad-Gita, you automatically will go back to spiritual world at the time of death.  He even believes that by just observing all the Ekadasi fasts, then that will also guaranty, for sure, that he will go back to the spiritual world at the time of his death.  He actually believes, that if he remains in the institution that he belongs to (ISKCON), then this for sure, is his guaranteed ticket.  And in the meantime, he is a connoisseur of pornography, and a practicing bi-sexual with an inclination towards older men.  Dude’s and Duette’s, thig poor moron, imbecile, is so tightly bound by the mode of passion and ignorance, he cannot even think straight.  After 20 years, who has brainwashed him with these sentimental “easy” beliefs and ideas?  Who has taught him that in order to attain the ultimate abode, it is that “easy”?   Now I a not afraid to tell you who.  It was his ISKCON Rubber-stamped gueu, who also was one of the 11 unscrupulous who hi-jacked ISKCON for their own Personal-Ambition; and who by the way is a practicing homo-sexual, even while Srila Prabhupada was still with us.  Truly  a “wicket” and “evil” person, if you knew of his action, which are to gross and evil to recount in this essay, while he resided in Vrindavana, and in these actions in Srila Prabhupada personal quarters as well.

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