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What is The Eternal & Constitutional Function of The Jiva/Soul?
Chapter “Four”
Vaisnava-dharma is Eternal-dharma

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Segment 26
“If the Mind is Agitated by Such Fears, How Will one be Able to Fix it Upon Sri Krishna?”

The Material Body is Not Eternal, and One Will Certainly Have to Give it Ip Someday. 

As far as the body is concerned, we should simply perform the karma that is necessary to maintain it, and nothing more.  When the body dies by the will of the Supreme Lord, it cannot be saved by any kind of effort; but until the designated time for the demise of the body has arrived, a snake cannot harm a person, even if he is sleeping right next to it.  Therefore, one may not introduce himself as a Vaisnava until he gets rid of his fear of snakes and all such things. 

So one should certainly stop being afraid of snakes,

 and trying to kill them out of fear.  Many great souls who are engaged in the worship of Bhagavan live in mountain caves, and they are never afraid of the wild animals that live there.  Rather, out of fear of materialistic association, they have given up living with other human beings, and they live among the wild animals instead.

When Bhakti-devi, the personified goddess of devotion, makes her appearance in a person’s heart, that heart automatically becomes elevated.  That person, then becomes dear to all jivas.  Everyone, devotees and non-devotees alike, feels affection for the Vaisnavas, and that is why every human being should become a Vaisnava.

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