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What is The Eternal & Constitutional Function of The Jiva/Soul?
Chapter “Four”
Vaisnava-dharma is Eternal-dharma

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Segment 29
“Some Claim That One is a Real Vaisnava Only if He Experiences the Path of Devotion Through Bhava (Emotions), so There is no Need for Knowledge.  How Much Truth is There in This Statement?”

Those who think like that try to evoke emotions through the singing of hari-nama-sankirtana (Congregational Chanting of the Lord’s Holy Names), and they do not attempt to understand sambandha-jnana.

The highest fruit of attainment for the Vaisnavas is the development of bhava (emotions), the first sprout of prema (love of Krishna), and the basis for all transcendental emotions.  However, that state of bhava must be pure.  Those who think that the highest goal is to merge their identity into the non-differentiated brahma practice inducing emotions, while engaged in spiritual discipline to attain this goal. 

However, their emotions and their endeavors are not pure bhava; they are merely an imitation. 

Even a single drop of pure bhava can fulfill the highest aspiration of the jiva, but the display of emotions by those who are polluted with the jnana that is aimed at attaining the all-pervading featureless Brahman, is a great catastrophe for the jivas.  The devotional sentiments of people who feel that they are one with Brahman are merely a cheating display.  Therefore, sambandha-jnana is essential for pure devotees.

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