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Article by Upendranath Dasa 

Analysis of Srila Prabhupada’s “Direction of Management”, the DOM

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Segment 6

Srila Prabhupada on Relationship Between The GBC And Temple Management

“Kirtanananda Maharaja may be the supreme authority for the New Vrindaban center, but the management should be entrusted to the Brahmacharis and next the Grihasthas. He should not directly interfere with the management–he can simply give direction and the Brahmacharis and Grihasthas can carry out the management.”

“GBC members are simply to see that things are going on. Other centers have got president, secretary, etc. and they are managing separately. That is the formula. So how is it that the GBC are the final authority? They are simply to examine that things are going on nicely, that is all.

“GBC does not mean to control a center. GBC means to see that the activities of a center go on nicely.”

“The GBC men cannot impose anything on the men of a center without consulting all of the GBC members first. A GBC member cannot go beyond the jurisdiction of his power.”

“But it is a fact that the local president is not under the control of the GBC.”

“Temple management should not be done directly by you. You can give him policy that “You do like this.” That’s all.”

“GBC men should not dictate very much, simply supervise and see that the standards are maintained. 

The individual presidents should be more managerial, more individual, and you can supervise, and if some defect is detected, you can make suggestions how to correct it. But if we lose individuality and simply become mechanical, what is the point?”

“Otherwise, each Temple shall be independent and self-supporting. Let every Temple President work according to his own capacity to improve the Krishna Consciousness of his center. So far, the practical management is concerned, that is required, but not that we should become too much absorbed in fancy organization.”

“Our business is spiritual life, so whatever organization needs to be done, the Presidents may handle and take advice and assistance from their GBC representative. In this way let the Society’s work go on and everyone increase their service at their own creative rate.”

“The local management has to be done by temple president, GBC should see whether management is going on nicely, and if there are any discrepancies that will be discussed at the GBC meeting in Mayapur. That is the process. Sannyasis are meant for preaching only.:

“If the GBC undermines the efforts of the temple presidents how will things go on smoothly. This situation could have been avoided by sober dealings in a Krishna Conscious manner.”

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