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What is The Eternal & Constitutional Function of The Jiva/Soul?
Chapter “Three”
The Circumstantial Function, Duty, & Regligion of a Conscious Being is to be Relinzuished

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Segment 25
“What is Vaisnava-Dharma?”

The answer is that vaisnava-dharma is the jiva’s nitya-dharma. 

When the Vaisnava – the jiva – is liberated from matter, it nurtures Krishna-prema in the jiva’s pure spiritual form.  Before that stage, when the Vaisnava is still materially bound, although spiritually awakened, the Vaisnava only accepts objects and association that are favorable for its spiritual practice, and rejects all that is unfavorable.  T

hus, the Vaisnava never adheres blindly to the rules and prohibitions of the scriptures

He accepts the instructions and prohibitions of the scriptures graciously, but only when they are favorable to his practice of krishnabhajana.  When they are unfavorable, he immediately rejects them.  A Vaisnava is the world’s only true friend, and he renders auspiciousness for all jivas of the world. 

Bhajana – the word bhajana is defined in the Garuda Purana (Purva-khanda 231.3):

“The verbal root bhaj is used specifically in the sense of seva, or service.  Therefore, when sadhana (spiritual life practices) is performed with the consciousness of being a servant, it is called bhakti.”

According to this verse, krishna-seva, or loving devotional service to Krishna is called bhakti.  Such service is the intrinsic attribute of bhakti or bhajana.  Therefore, whatever services are performed in this consciousness may be referred to as bhajana.

In the general sense bhajana refers to spiritual practices; especially hearing, chanting, and meditating upon the holy name, form, qualities, and pastimes of Sri Krishna.

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