“What Is The Eternal, Constitutional Function Of The Jiva?/Soul?” 

Making A “Case” for the Reconstitution of Srila Prabhupada’s “Mission”

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Segment 052: Chapter 6,

“Is there no difference between an Aryan and a Yavana? 

A Yavana is a barbarian, even a Hindu/Jew/Christain/Muslim, i.e., one who does not follow pure lifestyle, one who eats flesh, takes intoxicants, and does other degraded activities.  This term sometimes refers to those excluded from varnasrama society. 

There are two kinds of differences:  

  1. paramarthika, those that relate to absolute reality;  
  1. vyavaharika; those that relate to practical experience.   


There is no paramarthika difference between Aryans and Yavanas, yet a vyavaharika difference does exist. 

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