What is The Eternal & Constitutional Function of The Jiva/Soul?
Extracted From Jaiva-dharma, By Srila Bhaktivinoda Thakur
Chapter “Four”
Vaisnava-dharma is Eternal-dharma
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Chapters 9 – 25 are Work In Progress

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Segment 32

What is the Eternal Relationship That Exists Between Maya, the Jivas, and Krishna?  If Knowledge is Obtained by Academic Study, Must One be a Scholar to Become a Vaisnava?  What Should One do After Receiving Diksa and Siksa?

The jiva is an atomic particle of consciousness, and Krishna is the complete consciousness; therefore, the jiva is the eternal servant of Krishna.  This material world is like a prison house for the jivas.  By the strength of association with saintly people in this world, one repeatedly practices the chanting of sri-nama.  In due course of time, one attains Krishna’s mercy, and when one is situated in one’s own perfected spiritual form in the spiritual world, one drinks the liquid mellow of service to Sri Krishna.  This confidential relationship exists between these three fundamental realities.  Without this knowledge, one cannot perform bhajana (spiritual practices; especially hearing, chanting, and meditating upon the holy name, form, qualities, and pastimes of Sri Krishna).

There is neither specific learning nor any particular language, which one must study in order to become a Vaisnava.  In order to dispel the illusion of maya, the jiva should take shelter at the feet of a genuine guru who is a true Vaisnava.  The Vaisnava guru can impart sambandha-jnana by his words and behavior.  This is known as diksa and siksa (initiation and instruction).

One should maintain virtuous conduct and perform Krishna-bhajana.  This is known as abhidheya-tattva, the means to achieve the ultimate goal of Krishna-prema.  This truth has been prominently described in the Vedas and all the scriptures.  Consequently, Sriman Mahaprabhu has referred to this fundamental truth as abhidheya-tattva.

The development of humility is a sure sign that Sri Caitanyadeva has bestowed His mercy upon you.  Sadhu-sanga is the only means of deliverance for the jivas who are entangled in this world.

Sadhu-sanga: The association of highly advanced bhaktas who possess the following qualities: 

  • They see all jivas with equal vision.
  • They are fully peaceful because their intelligence is firmly fixed in Krishna.
  • They are devoid of anger.
  • They are well-wishing friends to all jivas.
  • They are sadhus, meaning that they never consider others “faults.
  • They are firmly established in a loving relationship with the Supreme Lord, and they consider prema to be the supreme object of attainment.
  • They do not consider any other object to be worthy of interest.
  • They have no attachment for people who are absorbed in material enjoyment, nor for wife, children, wealth, or home.
  • They have no desire to accumulate wealth beyond what is necessary to maintain their body for the service of Sri Krishna.

The word sadhu-sanga does not mean merely to be in the proximity of advanced bhaktas.  It means to seek them out, to remain with them, to offer them obeisances, to serve them as far as possible, to hear spiritual instructions from them, to perform spiritual practices under their direction, to follow their example, and to conduct one’s life according to their instructions.

The sadhus and guru mercifully impart instructions on how to perform bhajana, and on the strength of that bhajana, one gradually obtains the supreme goal (prayojana).  Sadhana-bhakti (devotional practice) is called abhidheya.

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Chapters 9 – 25 are Work In Progress

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