What is The Eternal & Constitutional Function of The Jiva/Soul?
Extracted From Jaiva-dharma By Srila Bhaktivinoda Thakur
Chapter “6”
Eternal Dharma, Race & Caste

Segment 042: Is caste, eternally invariable?  Is it constant, rigid, set, unchanging, inflexible, and consistent?  Are the Vaisnavas and Hindus not become fallen by associating with Christians, Muslims, and Jew?  However, does that mean that there is no caste distinction between Vaisnavas, Christians, Muslims, and Jew?  Is there no difference in terms of birth?  On the other hand, does the difference between Vaisnavas & Hindus or Muslims & Christians & Jews, consist of nothing more than the difference in clothing and other such things?  Then how can Muslims/Christians/Jews be Vaisnavas, and how can respectable Vaisnavas associate with them?”

Segment 043: “According to this progression, one cannot become a Vaisnava without first completing one’s eligibility for Karma.  Muslims/Christians/Jews are not eligible even to perform the prescribed Karma within the Varna system, because they are outcastes, so how can they become eligible for Bhakti?”

Segment 044: How can the defect of degraded birth be removedCan a defect relating to one’s birth be removed without taking another birth?” 

Segment 045: “What is the cause of eligibility for Karma, and what is the cause of eligibility for Bhakti?  What is meant by ‘nature, birth, and other practical causes’ that make one suitable for a particular type of work; are these sources of eligibility?”

Segment 046: What is meant by faith in the Absolute Truth?  What if some people have developed faith in the Scriptures; although their natures are not elevated?  Are such people also eligible for Bhakti?”

Segment 047: ,” What if one does not accept the authority of Srimad-Bhagavatam?” Part 1.”

Segment 048:  “What if one does not accept the authority of Srimad-Bhagavatam?” Part 2.”

Segment 049:  “How does Sraddha (Faith) develop?  Muslims/Jews/Christians, do not perform Sat-Karma, so how can they be eligible for Bhakti?

Segment 050: Please explain clearly what you mean by Bhakta-sanga (association with devotees), and Bhakti-kriya-sanga (contact with acts of devotion).  From what type of Sukrti do these arise?

Segment 051: Does this mean that Nitya-sukrti comes about by chance?  What is the circumstance by which the Jiva first entered the cycle of Karma?

Segment 052: Chapter 6, “Is There no difference between an Aryan and a Yavana?”

+Segment 53: “What is meant by a Vyavaharika difference between Aryans and Yavanas?”

Segment 054: “Then how can there possibly be no cifference between Aryans and Yavanas from the Absolute point of view?”

Segment 055: “How can Rrice, Bbeans, Fruit, Milk, Nuts, & Vegetables be Spiritual?”

Segment 056: “What is the proper vehavior between the Yavanas and Vaisnavas?”

Segment 057: “ Can You Eat Food, Drink Water, & other such actitities with a Yavana who Has truly become a Vaisnava?”

Segment 058: “Then why is it that Yavana Vaisnavas are not permitted to worship & werve the Deities in the Vainava Temples?”

Segment 059: “Sudras are not eligible to study the Vedas, so can a Sudra study the Vedas when he becomes a Vaisnava?”

Segment 060: “Then do you people conclude that the Vedas that promote tattva teach only vaisnava-dharma and no other religion?”

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