M O V I N G   F O R W A R D

With a Case for the Reconstitution of Srila Prabhupada’s “Mission”.

Section One Contents

“The Guru Issue”

Segment 09: ISKCON’S Current Guru System.

Segment 10: Some Superlative Definitions of What is a Genuine Guru.  

Segment 11: Analysis of a Lecture Given by Srila Prabhupada in 1969.   

Segment 12: Needing a teacher. How do I Discriminate Between a Desirable Guru, And an Undesirable One?   

Segment 13: The Real and The Fake Guru. There Are No Mystical or Esoteric Qualifications, For These Are Not Verifiable.    

Segment 14: The Guru & Disciple Should Study Each Other Carefully Before Establishing a Relationship.  

Segment 14.1: In Finding a Guru, We Cannot Say It Is a Science, If We Use Mystical and or Popularity Criteria, That the Neophyte Student Has No Ability to Verify.     

Segment 14.2: If the Guru Makes Himself or Herself Unavailable for Association.    

Segment 14.3: The Process of Mutual Testing of the Spiritual Master and Disciple.  

Segment 14.4: The Spiritual Master Tests the Determination of the Candidate for Discipleship:       

Segment 15: Not Accepting Unqualified Persons as Guru or Disciple, & The Story of Anonymous Prabhu, (AP).    

Segment 16: The Heretical Ritvik Theory.

Segment 16.1: The Paramahamsa-Maha-bhagavata, and Uttama Adhikari Must See Krishna?    106

Segment 16.2: How Does One Become a Sincere Soul?

Segment 16.3: Why the Ritvik-vadis Score Points.      

Segment 16.4: Utpata, Disturbance.

Segment 16.5: An Interesting Twist.

Segment 16.6: The Meaning of Uttama-adhikari.       

Segment 17: Ritvik-vada And the Three Modes.

Segment 17.1: To Get Rid of a Problem, Solve It.        

Segment 17.2: We Must Have Faith.

Segment 17.3: Ritvik-vadis Are Irrational.        

Segment 17.4: Solutions.       

Segment 18: He is Considered First-class

Segment 19: The Phrase “Who Can be Guru?”

Segment 20: One Who Knows the Science of Krishna Can be Guru.       

Segment 21: Prema Vivarta 20.