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With a Case for the Reconstitution of Srila Prabhupada’s “Mission”.

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To Get Rid of a Problem, Solve It.

If we are genuinely concerned about the mission of Lord Caitanya, we should meet and discuss the problems in the present guru system. Then, after fully appreciating the problems, discuss possible solutions and implement those that do not compromise our philosophy. Continuing to recruit and initiate new devotees is no reason to deny this problem or procrastinate about it. We should address this problem, because problems do not go away by being ignored. They usually get worse. Because of the lack of collegiality[1], in our society, however, we have failed to take an inclusive approach to problem-solving, therefore, the ritvik-vadis continue to prey on ISKCON. Their criticisms continue to have a certain credibility, and they continue to win others to their side. Some remain steadily serving in ISKCON, but they believe in ritvik-vada or sympathize with the ritvik cause, thus dividing the ISKCON house. And a house divided against itself, cannot stand.

[1]  Collegiality: companionship and cooperation between colleagues who share responsibility.

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