Srila Prabhupada-antya-lila
Time-Period “Prologue”
An Introductory Mix of the Last Six Months of Srila Prabhupada Being Present
? Was He Systematically Poisoned ?
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Segment 48
Jagadhisa Goswami

In Vrindavana, Prabhupada was translating, and Pradyumna was with him.  It was not a very eventful time.  I was answering the mail; Prabhupada was translating.  

One funny incident that I remember.  Some people had come to see Prabhupada, some of his God brothers, I think, Dr. Kapoor, and Krishnadasa Babaji, so afterwards, Prabhupada wanted to give them some pictures we had recently received, some photos from LA. of the Deities.  Prabhupada wanted to give them all the photos of the LA. Rukmini & Dvarkadish.  Therefore, he had me bring out the pile of photos, and show them to the men.  They were looking through them and picking the ones that they wanted.  I was just standing by letting them see.  So they chose the ones they wanted

We were in the secretary’s office, not in Prabhupada’s room into the secretary’s office.  Dr. Kapoor was there, and Krishnadasa Babaji, and Srila Prabhupada.  We were all standing there.   We were all in close quarters looking at the pictures,, and when they had the pictures they wanted, they would say something to me in Hindi, and I would reply,


Prabhupada smiled, and he said,

“He is speaking Hindi.” 

During that time, I saw that whoever came to visit him, he would make them laugh.  Prabhupada would sit at his desk, and he was seeing nearly everyone who came.  Not so many people were coming.  So someone would come to visit him, Prabhupada might know him, or  might not know him, nevertheless, Prabhupada would be very cordial, and warm and friendly.  He would invite them to come in, sit for some time, talk, and then he would invariably make them laugh.  He would put them at ease, and joke with them, and make them laugh because he was so witty.  I noticed that during this time. 

Also, I used to marvel at the way he did that, I used to watch him, the way he would deal with people and make them laugh, the things he said,  And everyone loved him.  He was so masterful in dealing with everyone who came. 

During that time, Mr. Coleman, the one from New York, who printed that happening record, he came to see Prabhupada with his wife during that time, and he asked for initiation.  So Prabhupada said,

“We shall see later.” 

Then later on, he said to me,

“The guru is not some pet that one takes just for a show.” 

He was not at all interested.  He knew Mr. Coleman was not sincere.

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Chapter TEXT Menus

Prologue”     “...81...”    “...82...”     ...83...”   “...84...”    “...85...”     “...86...  

Chapter AUDIO Playlists

Prologue”     “...81...”    “...82...”     ...83...”   “...84...”    “...85...”     “...86... 


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