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Analysis of Srila Prabhupada's “Direction of Management”, the DOM
Segment 3
The DOM-Part 3 

So far, my books are concerned, I am setting up a different body of management known as the BHAKTIVEDANTA BOOK TRUST. The trustees of this body are also members of the GBC, but their function is not dependent on the GBC.

[This protocol has been shredded, and stomped on. The incorporation documents for the BBT were made in the USA in the state of Californian. So, in order to trash the charter, and the organizational, intent and purpose of the BBT, they abandoned the BBT which does not exist anymore, and has been replaced by BBT International  (BBTI), with a different charter, intent, and purpose. The money is controlled by the director, and he does what he wishes with it, as long as the GBC does not agree. For example; once in the 1990’s, the director, made a lunch appointment with a guru in another country, getting a 1st class air round trip to fly in, have lunch and then return after lunch was not objectionable to the GBC]

ISKCON Press was created for the exclusive publication of my books and literatures and should be continued in that way.

[ISKCON Press does not exist anymore. It was revived in 1996 as ISKCON GBC Press, for the sole purpose of publishing a book to refute “In Vaikuntha not even the leaves fall”, on the origin of the jiva. Interesting is why is there a need to refute a banned book? If there is a refutation of a book, then it is not justice to allow the book’s authors due process, and the ISKCON community to read the book being refuted.  More interesting is the fact that when the book was banned, none of GBC had read it; even though they each were given a copy, by me personally, at the GBC meeting in 1996..

This is no different than in a court of law, where there is only prosecution of the charges, and then not allowing a defense by the accused. Another example of a Totalitarian regime, and not a democracy. Democracies do not ban book. Just look at the history of book banning since the printing press was invented.  Who has banned book in our past history; Yep! The Catholic Church, the Nazis, Communist USSA and China, to name a few.  You can now add ISKCON to this list.]

During my absence no one shall live in my apartment.

[This protocol is of no consequence in controlling ISKCON, so we are lucky that they have made Prabhupada’s apartments museums, so that all can see how he lived. Prabhupada never lived in the New Delhi temple or the Bombay Temple or any temples build after that. My understanding is that he objected to the planned apartment for him in those temples. His quarters in Mayapura and Vrindavana, and other ISKCON temples in India and in west were all very much simple and quaint. I personally know this for a fact; I wash and cleaned Srila Prabhupada two room quarters & bathroom, at the Los Angeles Temple, every day that he was present at that temple, from 1972 to 1976.  They surely did not walk in these footsteps.]

A. C. Bhaktivedanta Swami Witnessed by:
Date July 28th 1970 (Robert F. Corens)
Rupanuga das Adhikary (William R. Ehrlichman)
Bhagavan das Adhikary (Kelly Gifford Smith)
Karandhar das Adhikary Date July 28th, 1970 at the World Head Quarters 
3764, Watseka Avenue Los Angeles, California 90034  

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