Article By:Upendranath Dasa
Analysis of Srila Prabhupada's “Direction of Management”, the DOM
Segment 9
"Srila Prabhupada On Management In General"
Part 1

“Regarding the number of BTG, which you print during the winter months; that must be decided amongst yourselves. Similarly, you should decide about what is to be done with the North Carolina center.”

“So, decide amongst yourselves what is to be done and do the needful. This is management. You have asked about the management of our society, and the position is that management should be done in such a way that people might not break away. That is the first business of management. I have already explained the matter to you and Tamala, so you do it consulting amongst yourselves.”

D”Yes, preaching is more important than managing. Just because you are preaching nicely and distributing so much prasadam, the management will follow like a shadow and Krishna will send you no end of help.”

“This routine work, such as chanting, speaking, rising early, cleaning, cooking and offering prasadam, arati, reading books–these activities are the backbone of our Society, and if we practice them nicely in a regulative manner, then our whole program will be successful. If we become slack or neglect these things, then everything else we may try will fail. So, it is very important that you keep your standards very high in these activities, then your preaching will be strong. Preaching is our real business, preaching and distributing books. If your preaching work is strong, then your management of temple affairs will also become automatically very strong.”

Preaching is more important than management, but both must be there if the whole body is to operate nicely.”

“The art of managing is to do all things at once in a nice manner, and the guiding principle is to do whatever is practical for preaching KC and at the same time maintaining our high standards of routine KC practices for making ourselves progress on the Spiritual path.”

“Simply become more concerned with increasing the spiritual content of our lives, and in this way all other problems like management will be easily solved, not that they can be solved by making some legal formula and having big big meetings and talks.”

“Only thing is, we must try to avoid becoming too much overly organized like the material businessmen. Our business is to ourselves become Krishna conscious, advance in spiritual life, and to preach to others how they can also take advantage and come to the perfectional stage of life.”

“Too much business or paperwork, vouchers, plans, these things become too much cumbersome for our spiritual growth, they take us away from our real emphasis of work, namely, to go back to Home, back to Godhead. But I think your plan is not like that, so far, I can see. It is practical and to the point. But now you must do it very nicely and complete it.”

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