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Article by Upendranath Dasa 

Analysis of Srila Prabhupada’s “Direction of Management”, the DOM

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Segment 10

Srila Prabhupada On Management In General

Part 2

“So, utilize every opportunity that Krishna gives you for preaching His message, that is real meaning of temple management.”

“The centers should remain spiritually fit and independent. Some control must be there as is now. Too much control means so many vouchers. Gradually it will become a mundane institution. All our managers should be spiritually advanced simple and honest in carrying out the orders of the spiritual master and Krishna. That will be a nice standard. Democracy in spiritual affairs is not at all good but breeds power politics. We should be careful about power politics.”

“Everyone should consider himself the servant of the other. That will make management very nice.”

“One thing is though, if the management continues to be so nasty, then that place will also be ruined. Management must be done very nicely o

“Now it is up to you all how to manage it. If you cannot increase it, you should at least maintain what I have given you. You cannot accuse me that I have not given you anything. So, it is a great responsibility you now have.”

“Yes, the management must be very first class. If required we can keep some paid men. Amateur management is not always efficient.”

“I am very much encouraged by the results of your re-organizing of temples, so go forward in this way, never mind we may sometimes have to concentrate in order to make further progress.”

Prabhupada: “Spinning, yes. Everyone should be engaged. That is management. So, all GBC members must see that in every temple, everyone is engaged.”

therwise it is useless.”


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