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What is The Eternal & Constitutional Function of The Jiva/Soul?
Chapter “Five”
Vaidhi-bhakti is Nitya (Eternal)
Not Naimittika (Causal, Circumstantial & Temporary)

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Segment 37
“Then why do the Scriptures praise the virtues of the secondary results?”

There are two kinds of people in this world: those who are spiritually awake, and those who are spiritually unconscious

The scriptures have praised secondary results for the benefit of those who are spiritually unconscious, and who do not perform any pious activity unless they can visualize a forthcoming result. 

However, the scriptures do not intend such people to remain satisfied with secondary results; rather, their attraction to secondary results should induce them to perform virtuous acts, which will hasten their contact with sadhus.  Then, by the mercy of the sadhus, they will come to know of the primary results of hari-bhajana, and taste for those results will awaken within them.

 “Then Are We to Understand That Some of the Authors of the Smrti-Scriptures are Spiritually Unconscious?   Some scriptures only describe the secondary results,

 and do not mention the primary results at all.  Why is this?”

No, but the system that they have prescribed is for the spiritually unconscious.  However, they themselves seek the primary result.

There are three types of scripture, corresponding to the varieties of adhikara (eligibility) among human beings:

  1. Sattvika, of the nature of goodness;
  2. Rajasika, of the nature of passion;
  3. Tamasika, of the nature of ignorance.

The sattvika-scriptures, are for people who are saturated with the nature of goodness (sattva-guna);

The rajasikascriptures are for those cloaked by the nature of passion (rajo-guna);

The tamasika-scriptures are for those engrossed in the nature of ignorance (tamo-guna).

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