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What is The Eternal & Constitutional Function of The Jiva/Soul?
Chapter “Five”
Vaidhi-bhakti is Nitya (Eternal)
Not Naimittika (Causal, Circumstantial & Temporary)

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Segment 38
“If that is the case, how should one know which directives of the Scripture to have Faith in? Moreover, how many of those of lower adhikara (eligibility), attain a higher destination?”

Human beings have different natures and faiths according to their different levels of eligibility. 

People who are impelled primarily by the mode of ignorance, have natural faith in the tamasika-scriptures

Those affected primarily by the mode of passion, have natural faith in the rajasika-scriptures.

And those in the mode of goodness, naturally have faith in the sattvika-scriptures

\One’s belief in a particular conclusion of the scripture is naturally in accordance with one’s faith.

As one faithfully carries out the duties for which one has the eligibility, he may encounter sadhus, and develop a higher eligibility, through their association.  As soon as a higher eligibility is awakened, one’s nature is elevated, and one’s faith in a more elevated scripture will follow accordingly.  The authors of the scriptures were infallible in their wisdom, 

and composed the scriptures in such a way that one will gradually develop higher eligibility, by carrying out the duties for which one is eligible, and in which one naturally has faith.  It is for this reason that different directives have been given in different scriptures.  Faith in the scripture is the root of all auspiciousness.

It is written in Srimad-Bhagavatam 11.8.10:

“An intelligent person will take the essence of all the scriptures, whether they are great or small, just as a bumblebee gathers honey from many different types of flowers.”

In this regard, one should not criticize anyone; even an atheist; because faith depends on eligibility.  Everyone is working according to his or her own eligibility, and they will advance gradually when the time is appropriate.  If you are a student of scriptures dealing with logic and/ fruitive action, and since your statements are in accordance with your eligibility, there is no fault in them.

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