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Essentials of a Krishna-consciousness Movement Organization & Secrets For Success

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The Chanting of The Holy Names of Krishna is The Goal.

In a nutshell, the chanting of the Holy Names, of Krishna, in every city, town and village, especially the Maha-mantra, that was introduced by Lord Caitanya 500 year ago; is the purpose of Srila Prabhupada’s Krishna-consciousness movement.

Why is this so important, some Vaisnava may ask?  So, let us first hear what a previous acarya, has said in this regard.

Srila Bhaktivinoda Thakura Writes in Jaiva-dharma Chapter 2 The Eternal Natural Position and Function of the Jiva/Soul:

First, one should cultivate the realization of their pure spiritual identity and practice chanting the Holy Name of Krishna PURELY, and then one’s spiritual function known as Jaiva-dharma will be clearly revealed.  Spiritual realization and experience cannot be fully purified by the eightfold yoga system known as astanga-yoga or brahma-jnana by cultivating knowledge of the all-pervading, featureless brahma.  The jiva can only manifest his eternal spiritual function, by constantly cultivating activities directly meant for Krishna’s pleasure. 

You should constantly practice chanting hari-nama (Holy Names of Krishna) with great enthusiasm.  Such practice is true spiritual culture.  By chanting hari-nama regularly, you will develop unprecedented attachment for sri-Krishna-nama within a short time, and you will directly experience the spiritual realm.  Chanting sri-hari-nama (chanting the name of Lord Hari/Krishna) is the foremost of all the different limbs of bhakti (loving devotional service), and it yields the quickest results.  This is confirmed by Sri Mahaprabhu’s instructions in Sri Krishnadasa Kaviraja’s magnificent work, Sri Caitanya-caritamrta (Antya 4.70-71:

Of all the different types of spiritual practice, the nine forms of bhakti are the best because they have tremendous power to deliver Krishna and Krishna-prema.  Of these nine practices, nama-sankirtana is the best.  By chanting sri-Krishna-nama without offense, one obtains the priceless treasure of prema.”

Now we will hear from Srimad-Bhagavatam, how special chanting the Holy Name of Krishna is.

Srimad-bhagavatam 1.1.14,

Living beings who are entangled in the complicated meshes of birth and death can be freed immediately by even unconsciously chanting the holy name of Krishna, which is feared by fear personified.”

And finally let us read what Srila Prabhupada said in regards to chanting the Holy Names of Krishna.

Srimad-Bhagavatam 1.9.27 Purport:

“… chanting the holy name of the Lord are all inexpensive items by which one can please the Lord.”

Srimad-Bhagavatam 1.15.31 Purport:

Lord Caitanya says that simply by chanting the holy name of the Lord one can at once wash off the dust on the mirror of pure consciousness, and as soon as the dust is removed, one is at once freed from all material conditions. To become free from material conditions means to liberate the soul. As soon as one is, therefore, situated in absolute knowledge, his material conception of life is removed, or he emerges from a false conception of life. Thus, the function of the pure soul is revived in spiritual realization.”

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