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Segment 079

Bhaktijana Dasa,

Conversation With Srila Prabhupada.  Morning Walk, Vrindavana, May 29, 1977  


“Do something positive.  (pause) If you have got preacher, then never mind what is the quarter.  Have kirtana and distribute prasadam.”

Tamala Krishna:

“We have… We can do that.”


 “Then you can do anything.”

Tamala Krishna:

“We have men we can put there.  Right, Adi-kesava?”


“Simply, the drunken negroes, call them, ‘Take prasadam and chant Hare Krishna.’”

Tamala Krishna:

“We can put Bhaktijana there cause he’s always very fond of preaching.  You know, Bhaktijana he’s always wanted to go to Harlem.  So…”


Yes, then we can deliver them.  They are, after all, simple.  These negroes, they are, after all, simple.  We have to claim them.  You have got now experience in Detroit.  They are very good-behaving negroes.  They come to our temple.”     Previous     Next 


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