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An Introductory Mix of the Last Six Months of Srila Prabhupada Being Present
? Was He Systematically Poisoned ?
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Segment 80
Bhaktijana Dasa
Letters From Srila Prabhupada
Part 1

Letter to: Bhaktijana Los Angeles 12 February, 1968:

My Dear Bhakti Jan,

Please accept my blessings.  I am so glad to receive your letter dated Feb. 10, 1968, and have noted the contents.  The strong hand of Maya is insurmountable as it is stated in the Bhagavad-gita.  But if one sticks to Krishna Consciousness with firmness, then he can easily surmount.  My instructions I have already given to you, how to chant the beads, and how to protect yourself from the offenses.  I shall advise you again to chant always, increasing the counting, namely, 16 rounds are generally prescribed, but for the time being you can stop all other activities and increase the chanting to 64 rounds.  Follow the rules and regulations strictly.  If you want sex life, you are at liberty to get yourself married.  But don’t have illicit sex with some Maya’s representative.  That won’t help you in your spiritual advancement.  We don’t forbid sex life, but we cannot allow illicit sex.  For a young man it is very difficult to check sex desire, therefore best thing is for him to get himself married, and live like a responsible gentleman.  Irresponsible man cannot make progress materially, or spiritually.  You’re intelligent young man, you can understand things as we say, and you follow and you will be benefited.  Mistakes we may commit because it is not out of human activity, but at the same time, we must use our good consciousness how to achieve the goal of our life, Krishna.  Please stick to this chanting process, sincerely, without any offense, and everything will be all right with you.  Thanking you once more for remembering me.  Hope you are well.

Letter to: Brahmananda—Los Angeles 15 February, 1968 New York:

“… Also, Bhaktijana is there in N.Y., he may be nicely treated as he has come back, so he will understand the philosophy nicely.  I have asked him to chant 64 rounds instead of 16.”

Letter to: Bhaktijana—Los Angeles 21 September, 1972 New York:

My dear Bhaktijana,

Please accept my blessings.  I am in due receipt of your letter, undated, and I have read the contents carefully.  Yes, that is a good program that you are doing in New York by going from place to place and holding classes, having kirtana in the street, and generally recruiting devotees for sending to the Brooklyn Temple.  If you do like that, going from one part of New York to another, New York is the biggest city in the world and there are innumerable places where you can hold chanting and classes, so if you go on like you are doing, I have no objection.  But at all times, give your kind cooperation to Bali Mardan for working together on your program.  He is GBC and President of Brooklyn Temple and he can give you all advice and facilities for your work.  So kindly cooperate with him as much as possible, and that will please me very much.  So far going to Puerto Rico, I have no objection if you go there, but if your program in New York is successful, better to develop that.  But if someone goes to Puerto Rico in the future, that also sounds like a good adventure.  But I think it is better to develop what we have got for now, and later on we shall see if someone can go to Puerto Rico.

You do not require to worry as I shall never leave you, you are my disciple and I am your spiritual master, so there is no question, as long as you follow my instructions, that I shall ever leave you.  Just remember under all circumstances to chant sixteen rounds of japa daily, offer your prasadam to Krsna, and do all of the things which you already know, as you are senior disciple.  These things will protect you under all conditions, without any doubt.

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