The “Last Six Months”; Was He Systematically Poisoned? 

Srila Prabhupada's Antya-lila
Section "Prologue"

A Introductory Mix of the Last Six Months of Srila Prabhupada Being Present

Segment 44
Gunavnava Dasa
May 17 to August 27, 1977
Part 2

“What other did you recall?  Like Krishna Babaji and any others you may…”

Prabhupada was extremely friendly with Krishna das Babaji.  Because he is actually a pure devotee.  Krishna das Babaji if from the Gudiya Matha.  Prabhupada said that, he was a paramahaàsa.  Prabhupada loved him.  Prabhupada, in the mood of a preacher, said that sometimes we have to criticize.  Sometimes we have to be gold, and present Krishna consciousness in the mood of a preacher.  Sometimes there are likes and dislikes, friends and enemies, that you create, but I remember when Prabhupada was leaving, we actually saw that he was uttama-adhikari, his mood during the leaving of his body, was just amazing, how he was so, so humble.  He was just saying how great his, all his, disciples were.  How fortunate he was to be with such elevated devotees, and he was begging forgiveness of all his Godbrothers, “please forgive me if I have offended you in any way in the line of preaching”, he would say to them. 

Sometimes there were so many things said.  Because the mood of a  Madhyama-adhikari is totally different.  A Uttama-adhikari does not come down, they cannot preach in this world, only Madhyama-adhikaris can preach.  But we saw Prabhupada came just in the mood of a preacher.  Actually he was pure.  So he ways said “please forgive me”.  So Prabhupada’s Godbrothers would acme from time to time to see him, and to associate with him. 

Sometimes he would get off his vyasasana and sit on the floor, or if an older more respectable Godbrother came, just like Madhav Maharaja, he was one of the first sannyasis, initiated by Bhaktisiddhanta Sarasvati Thakura.  He, Prabhupada would give him his seat.  He would make a seat higher.  He was very wonderful to see, to see Prabhupada conduct himself like that.

“Bhaktisiddhanta initiated Madhav Maharaja?”

Madhava Maharaja has passed away now.  He was actually quite young.  He was not so young, but he was younger than the others.  I will always remember one morning walk.  Prabhupada came back from the morning walk, and we were walking along the side of the road, and there were all these asses walking behind us, but we did not even notice them.  They had all these big loads on their back and Prabhupada would say,

“Look out, the asses are coming.”

So some of the disciples were not hearing, because there was a big group traveling along.  All of sudden “boom”, “boom”, the asses would bump into all the disciples.  And some of Prabhupada’s disciples would fall down, and lay in the dust.  Prabhupada said to them,

“I told you to look out”. 

So then the master of the asses, there master, he got this stick, and he beat hell out of these asses.  They had huge loads on their back, and they got this beating, like I have never seen. 

 All their legs were bleeding.  You know, he would beat the asses with the straps, some around their legs.  So Prabhupada just laughed, he was laughing watching these asses being beaten.  So I asked Prabhupada a question, he said,

“Just see, this is a result of karma.  The asses, they are being beaten, because they were actually beating asses in their previous life.  So now they have taken the body of an ass, and they are being beaten.” 

So then I said to Prabhupada,

“Is it the exact same souls.  Just like that ass that is being beaten now, was this ass in his last life, a master who beat an ass, and this ass has now taken birth as the master, and beating the ass now, who was in its past life the master?  These two souls are they the same? 

And he said yes, he told me exactly the same.  So I was just watching Prabhupada, gave us the vision, gave us actually exact vision to see exactly what was going on.  The transcendental vision of it. 

You know, Vrindavana is fames for animal examples, the; analogies in the books, the animal’s, the pigs, the asses, the camels, the dogs, the turtles.  Srila Prabhupada would write these BTG articles, where he would say that the current, so-called Goswami’ of Vrindavana, in their next life, would become these kind of animals in Vrindavana.  So, we were going to have a big, big program at Govindaji’s temple.  It was like a breakthrough, it seemed like it was a breakthrough, to have such a program in their temple, Govindaji’s big temple. 

There was so many of us in Vrindavana, it was festival time, we were all there in the temple, and then Pustatama Goswami, he read the article, and he got with the other Goswamis, and they decide not to invite us after all; when they saw the article about the animals.  Prabhupada said that these were actually Mahatmas or sadhus, who had committed offenses and sinful activities, and they had to take birth as animals. 

We could see these animal, they are actually all hanging around the temples.  I was looking the other night, these dogs, they got to beat them out of the temple, they go into the temples.  These dogs are literally hanging around the temples.  They are looking for scraps of prasadam to eat.  They are all hanging around the temple looking for prasadam, maha-prasadam in fact.  Because all those little packets of prasadam are maha prasada in those little cups.  And they are all trying to eat the last little, lick out, the last little juice, off the cup.  Then you see the dogs, down in Loi Bazaar, they are hanging outside the rasgullas shops.   You see the dogs in the west eating meat and meat-products, and then you see the dogs there.  They are going through so much misery, and purification.  Actually there is a system.  Prabhupada has actually given us the eye of eternity.  He is actually showing us that actually this is Vrindavana, it is transcendental, regardless of how we see Vrindavana with our imperfect senses, and this is actually a transcendental place.

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