The “Last Six Months”; Was He Systematically Poisoned? 

Srila Prabhupada's Antya-lila
Section "Prologue"

A Introductory Mix of the Last Six Months of Srila Prabhupada Being Present

Segment 45
Puri Maharaja
Srila Prabhupada God brother

He sent two boys to the Matha where I stayed.  Madhava Maharaja’s matha.  And we went with prasadam, myself, Ananda and Asrama Maharaja, and some others also, Purusottama Prabhu.  He was just lying down on the bed.  All the big members of the governing body and all the big people of the society were there.  I was there for two hours.  He asked Tamal Krishna Goswami to read the article written by Hansadutta against the atheists of Sri Lanka.  Doctor Kapor was just speaking of atheism, and Hansadutta wrote an article which was published in Sri Lanka.  He asked Tamal Krishna Goswami to read the article so I may listen.  Then he said,

“How do you like this?” 

“Very nice”, I said.

I had heard of Dr. Kapoor.  Then Prabhupada said,

“He is not a doctor.  I will tell you a story.  It seems some bridegrooms’ party and bride’s party, they were discussing about one bridegroom.  Some said that he is a great doctor, and others asked what kind of doctor, medical doctor?

 ‘No, no.  He is superior to a medical doctor’.

Then some said,

‘You mean a philosophical doctor?  A doctor of philosophy?’

‘no, no, no’

‘A doctor of literature?’

‘No, no, no.  Still great than that.’

So on and on, whatever they say they reject.  And they say he is superior to that.  Then some intelligent man said,

‘Oh he must be a conductor’

‘Ah, yes, he is a conductor”

Then Prabhupada laughed and all of us laughed also. 

I was astonished that at that stage also he was maintaining his equilibrium and retaining capacity.  His brain is perfect.  He would speak of all these matter.  He said,

“Please tell me that you are kaviraja.  Please see my hand.  Do you see the pulses beating”? 

And I saw, after fifteen minutes, I could not trace the pulse.  And then he said,

“How long shall I stay here?  According to horoscope I have completed my life.  Do you expect that I shall stay some days more?” 

Then I said, 

“It is the will of the vaisnavas and Gauranga Mahaprabhu and Radha-Krishna.  If they want that their devotee must survive, must be in this world, for the benefit of the world, or his disciples, he has to stay.  And if the Supreme Lord wants him to come away, he can go”. 

And he said,

“I must go”. 

But to the last moment he was in full consciousness.  No defect in his thoughts.  Bodily there may be some change, but not change in his conception.  In his last moment I was told that he was very keen.  He may not guide us, but still he was speaking about Krishna, and Krishna consciousness.  It is a misfortune that he had left us so soon. 

I said regarding these disciples, those who were coming from outside, of course, now they should follow you, and they should maintain the serene atmosphere.  And they should continue it for fifty years to come, so that the tradition can be formed. 

I told all these people also, that you, unitedly should follow the teaching of your Prabhupada, and the teaching of Caitanya Mahaprabhu, and the teaching of all of our revealed sastras.  Then only the institution can survive. 

He also, he did not elaborate anything.  Because perhaps he does not want to disturb others.  He appreciated it, but did not say anything that his disciples should follow.  He told many things to his disciples, many things.  Those were recorded.  The recording system has come.  Previously there was so such tape recorder. 

So the teachings of Caitanya Mahaprabhu or the teachings of Rupa Goswami, or Ragunatha Goswami, and Jiva Goswami, etc.  Their teachings could not be recorded.  This is a misfortune.  But anyhow all the great acaryas, their blessing was with Bhaktivedanta.  Once he said,

“You know these things.  You know that the development of literature, development of philosophy, development of this institution, it is all due to the grace of Prabhupada Gaura Anudesa Bhaktisiddhanta Sarasvati, and Caitanya Mahaprabhu, and Nityananda Prabhu.  I am an instrument.  You know my knowledge is limited, but Their grace is unlimited.  Through Their grace I have done this in a small limited period”. 

I said,

“You have done wonders.  No other acarya in our sampradaya within a short period could do anything like you.  You have traveled a very long distance to America, and you have conducted them, and you have attracted them to Lord Gauranga’s philosophy.  And bhagavat-bhakti, and Nama Sankirtana.  No reformer in India could do this.  Many of the people went to preach, but they could do nothing.  Many of your predecessors went, but they could do nothing.  You have done wonders”. 

I said,

“Very fast you are progressing in teaching the message of Caitanya Mahaprabhu in the western countries”. 

And he said,

“Of course, it is done by Lord Gouranga.  But will these governments allow me to go faster?  Faster!”

  And I said,

“This is Kali yuga; actually people have no inclination.  You speak of religion, dharma, and bhakti.  That there should be restrictions of eating and all sensual.  Kali is the master, and he does not like that one should be a tyagi, a true tyagi, or devotee of Krishna”. 

He said,

“So in this Kali-yuga, the simplest, surest, easiest way, is nama sankirtana as told by Mahaprabhu.  And that they must follow.  I must now try to remaining years so that nama sankirtana shall, be propagated throughout.  It is being done, and it will continue as long as Mahaprabhu’s grace is there”. 

And I said,

“Quite true.  You have gone the Masters Radha-Krishna, His will”. 

He was speaking always to his disciples, to the public, to whoever would come to him, about Krishna consciousness. 

He would speak day and night, without caring for meals and rest.

  Just like Bhaktisiddhanta Sarasvati Swami Maharaja.  He was like Sarasvati: always singing the glories of Krishna.

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