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Segment 051:

Yadubara Dasa,

Part 2, May 23-26, 1977.

May 23, 1977 (Monday)

Prabhupada told Tamal Krishna Goswami that when he translates he gets heart palpitations. Last night he was speaking to Jaisatchinandana, that he wants him to  stay at Radha Damodar Temple and cook prasada and offer it to a pictures of himself.

Procedure after the acarya leaves the planet; to cook and offer him prasadam at his bhajan kutira . Tamal Krishna Goswami, Jaisatchinandana, Aksayananda Swami  and Pramana Swami took cooking supplies to Radha Damodar this morning at 10: 00, and I was to teach Jaisatchinandana how to cook . We started at 11:15 and finished at 1:15 with rice, dahl, bati, kachori, vegetable, and capatis. Tomorrow and next day I will go and teach what little Prabhupada taught me in Rishikesh. It was very nice cooking in Prabhupada ‘s kitchen.

we all took  the remnants; it was only a small amount, but everyone complemented the prasada, and all felt satisfied.

At two  o’clock  I arrived  back at Krishna Balarama temple, and  got my head shaved, then showered, and into Prabhupada’s room to sing and read.  Prabhupada sometimes discusses with devotees as we chant. He was chastising Gopal Krishna for not producing more Hindi books. Gopal said that composing was going slow, and he did not want to compose with others, because they charged too much. Prabhupada became angrier.  He said we shroud pay ten times normal cost if it can get the job done. Everything was held up because we want to save some pennies.

“Penny – wise and pound foolish,” Prabhupada said,

I thought of our film work, how sometimes we have to spend so much to get the job done.

Bhavananda Maharaja was there and Prabhupada asked him,

“’So you have some fruits?”

He jumped up and ran in the kitchen to ask for some fruit for Prabhupada, but Prabhupada was asking if they are growing fruits at Mayapur. Prabhupada became disgusted again at our headless behavior.

Bhavananda then described how so many fruits , vegetables  and grains were growing and also flowers.  Many people were coming every night. Prabhupada was pleased, especially when they said the temple owners in Navadvipa disliked us, because all the people were coming to our temple .

During kirtan Prabhupada asked us to chant,

“Jaya Sri Krishna Caitanya, Prabhu Nityananda, Jayadvaita, Gadadhara Sri Vasadi- gaura, Bhakta- vrinda.”

Prabhupada did not ask for massage . I asked him and he let me massage his back. Then later on his chest and stomach;  I felt a hard knot on the left side of his stomach.. He sits and chants more often and less dictation work.

Wednesday, May 25th.

I went to cook at Radha Damodar but Jaya Sacinandana did not come. Tomorrow I go to Pranav’s   for prasadam. Many devotees came today. Satsvarupa Maharaja, Gargamuni, Adi kesava, Dhrstadyumna Swami, Rupanuga, Svarupa Damodar. Gargamuni, Satadanya Swamis and I went into  Prabhupada’s room at three o’clock. Satsvarupa Maharaja led kirtan for one hour. After one half hour Prabhupada laid down on the bed. Then Satsvarupa chanted om namo bhagavate vasudevaya.  Prabhupada’s eyes immediately opened wide, and he sat up for the next one-half hour listening to readings from first volume  Bhagavatam, about the incarnations of Krishna.

I was not woken up  for my night service to Srila Prabhupada; one boy promised but forgot . Other devotees had kirtan all night for Prabhupada. Devotees said Prabhupada said he will leave his body in the next few days or eat four capatis.

Thursday, May 26th.

I went to Pranav’s for lunch . Very nice prasadam. Then back to temple at three o’clock to chant in Prabhupada’s room. We show “Spark of Life” tomorrow at two o’clock after lunch.

I went to the roof when I woke up at four a.m. and was fortunate enough to sing for Prabhupada for one hour straight as the sky became bright.

Prabhupada said during the reading, of the quality of Narada  Muni that a brahmana is peaceful, tolerant, etc.

“Everyone has to die. We should die gloriously, Chanting, hearing ,and reading.  That is why I have bought you here; please do not leave me, then I will be all right.”

He said this to a few G.B.C. members and sannyasis. This is first real indication that Prabhupada may survive his illness.     Previous     Next 



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