The “Last Six Months”; Was He Systematically Poisoned? 

Srila Prabhupada's Antya-lila
Section "Prologue"

A Introductory Mix of the Last Six Months of Srila Prabhupada Being Present

Segment 52
Yadubara Dasa
Part 3
May 27-30, 1977

Friday, May 27th.

Prabhupada speaking on need for simple living and developing farms and rural living.

“Factories mean ruination and destruction.”

Prabhupada was speaking very strongly on cow protection and the need for producing grains; yajna to produce rains, and keep land clean at all times. At time of Yudhisthira Maharaja, the  land was wet from milk.

            “Annad bhavanti bhutani.”

Chanting and reading is going on all night; last night I asked Prabhupada if he was feeling better and he said,

“No; when I can translate then I am better.”

Then he went to his bathroom and returned to his translating table and translated a few verses, and after twenty minutes called me and said,

“I cannot continue; it is taxing my brain.”

He then went to his bed and kirtan was started. I went to Prabhupada’s bed at 11:30 and took over massaging his legs as he slept. He slept better than since I have been with him for 1 3 /4 hours, then I helped him to the bathroom. He chastised me for not holding him up properly.

 Saturday, May 28th.

A few days ago Prabhupada said Indira Gandhi fell from the office so quickly in one week, because of her offences to the residents of Vrindavana . She had a sterilization team stop one bus of sadhus at Govardhan, and sterilize them. Prabhupada said never in history has such a big leader fallen so fast.

Yasodanandana Swami read a prayer by demigods, to prolong Prabhupada’s life.  Prabhupada afterwards said thqat the chanting and reading should go on all night

 I went to Prabhupada’s bed at 11:30 and took over massaging his legs as he slept. He slept better and I have bad ho objection to stay longer. He then told a story about a machine in Bengal that makes a certain putt sound. He said you can take the machine to heaven, and it will make the same sound . So wherever Prabhupada goes he will be doing the same thing; pure devotional service to the Supreme Personality of  God head.

Prabhupada told Gopinath that in the morning he feels like he will live forever and at night he will leave any time .

Sunday , May 29th.

Srila Prabhupada slept well last night and Yasomatinandana and I massaged his legs. It started to rain lightly, and Prabhupada woke up, and said  quickly carry me inside. We, Adi kesava Swami and I, grabbed the bedstead and carried Prabhupada, and bed under the covered part of the roof. He immediately went back to sleep again.

Night before last Prabhupada was sitting up in bed and he said, “Help me.” Because he could not raise himself. He says these things in such a helpless way. It is his kindness that we are allowed to help him in this way. He is full in all mystic perfection, and yet we are helping him.

Last night a very unique pastime took place, which I heard from Gopinath . Prabhupada was on the roof, and smelling the fried foods being prepared for the Deity’s offering, he asked Gopinath,

“I am smelling some very  nice preparations being made. Do you think you can get me some?”

Gopinath was previously warned by Bhavananda and Tamal Krishna Goswami, not to give Prabhupada fried foods, because it will make his arms and legs swell.  Gopinath tried to think of some reason not to bring, and thought of telling Prabhupada that they were to be offered to the Deity, and the offering had not been made. Bhavananda met Gopinath, and told him to bring the samosas, and kachoris immediately, offered or not. They are given to Prabhupada and then Tamal Krishna Goswami and Bhavananda Maharaja asked Prabhupada not to take them because of his health.  Prabhupada sat up very straight and said,

“I will eat them.”

And then he ate them, one -half of each, cold samosa, and kachori, as Tamal Krishna Goswami and Bhavananda watched every bite. Then Prabhupada said to both of them, 

“Do notice,”

They both dropped their beads and Prabhupada ordered,

“One more of each.  This time hot.”

He again ate one- half of each. After finishing he said to them,

“From now on do not tell me what to eat. I shall decide!” 

Bhavananda called me after this incident, and warned that Prabhupada might have trouble in the night digesting, and to call him if he did . Prabhupada had no trouble and slept very well.

Monday– Tuesday, 30- 31 May

I went to Delhi to check on escorts . They took four Hare Krishna People Hindi films for 6,000 rupees. To be delivered in September. Return to Vrindavana morning with Ramesvara Swami. When we arrived we heard loud kirtan coming from Prabhupada’s room. We could not go in.

Sannyasa was given to Caitanya-guru, Gopinath and Premnab.  Prabhupada had his arms in the air during the kirtan while sitting on his bed.

That night Prabhupada translated, for one and one -half hours, from the Tenth Canto about Putana. Afterwards he was tired ,and I helped him lie down. I am thinking to leave for Bombay, and New York to do a film with Sudama Maharaja, who has already left.

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