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TheThe “Management” of Srila Prabhupada “Missions” Issues
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Segment 23
You Will Ruin Everything

There is an interesting story in this connection. Once upon a time, just after the ISKCON temple in Vrindhavan had opened, one sannyasi, the temple president, proposed an idea to Srila Prabhupada.  Prabhupada personally managed the society during the day, and then he would do his writing and translating early in the morning after he took a short rest.

Knowing that Prabhupada desired more time to work on translating and writing his books, instead of spending so much time in management; the sannyasi said,

 (Please understand that this sannyasi was sincere in his idea)

“Prabhupada, you know we have this big piece of property where the goshala is, and it is just a short walk from here.  I was thinking that you should retire from your management duties, and leave that up to us. You could live there at the goshala, and devote all your time to translating and writing.”

Prabhupada replied with emphasis,

“Yes! And in three days you will ruin everything”!

History has shown that once Prabhupada departed from this world, these words were more or less a prophecy. It appears that it took them more than 3 days to “ruin” ISKCON; nevertheless “ruin it” they did.

As you will come to understand, ISKCON, after 1977, became a totalitarian society.  Moreover, this society became riddled with many features, that are not an example of an alternative form, or standard, for a society on this Planet Earth; in other words, a society that is an example of Vaisnava character and virtues.

Prabhupada knows that the proper leader ship of ISKCON, is necessary for ISKCON to fulfill one aspect of its mission, which is to present to the world, an alternate way of living, a way of living that would solve all the problems of the world.  An example of a society that is so virtuous, that you will not be able to find any kind of culpability. 

ISKCON, is now a society, that is no different from the rest of the material societies on Earth today. The undesirable qualities, of materialistic society, are found to be more rampant in ISKCON.  ISKCON is a joke, a mockery of Vaisnavism and a total disgrace, and abomination of an alternative society.  ISKCON is continuously “sweeping” these aspects under the “rug”; if you will.

Srila Prabhupada always stressed that if we follow his orders and instruction, we will succeed, and if the orders of the Spiritual Master are not followed then we will fail.  ISKCON has failed and is continuing to fail, simply because they are not following his instructions and orders.

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