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Was this DOM Neglected or Ignored by The GBC When Srila Prabhupada Was Still Present?

Apparently so!

Otherwise, why did Srila Prabhupada write a letter that is known as,

“The Topmost Urgency Letter (TUL)”

Upon discovering the GBC’s disobedience of the Direction of Management order, Srila Prabhupada re-issues the order for the “Direction of Management in his TOPMOST URGENCY Letter.

The DOM was written on July 28, 1970.

The TUL was written, after 4 years had passed, on July 22, 1974

The TUL is evidence that the appointed leaders of ISKCON, did not implement the DOM; as was Srila Prabhupada’s expressed desire.

 Again, let us see a copy of the original TUL, and then a transcription of its content.

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