Making a “Case” for the Reconstitution of Srila Prabhupada’s “Mission”

"Moving Forward"
Section "Two"

The Management of Srila Prabhupada’s “Mission” Issue?

Segment 36.9
On Management in General
Morning Walk, March 12, 1974, Vrindhavan
Part 4


“So, in our Movement, the leaders must decide how every devotee and every resource is engaged properly.”


“That is leadership. That is leadership. The… Which man is fitted for which work?”


“Yes. Utilization of all resources…”




“Including devotees and funds and everything.”


“The first thing is that we should see that everyone is engaged. How he should be engaged, that requires leadership. But the first business is to engage everyone. Nobody should be without engagement. Then it will be idle worse, works… What do you call? Idle brain is devil’s workshop. And the devil is kamini-kancana, woman and money. This is devil. So, if you remain idle, then you shall think of devil. So, we should see that everyone is engaged properly. Hari Krishna. Jaya. [break] …instruction in this connection is very important. Everyone should be trained as Vaisnava.

At the same time, he should work in different position for management. So, if our men are not prepared for doing the plowing work, then what is the use of purchasing land?”

Tamala Krishna:

“They are not prepared?”


“You have to engage laborer and spend two hundred rupees per head at least, including salary and food, and the production is nil. In this way, there must be ten thousand, twenty thousand expenditures. Am I right or not, that,

‘“You bring money some way from anywhere, and let us spend lavishly?’

What kind of management this is? We should consider the money, after all, is earned with hard labor. So, somebody will bring money with hard labor, and another body will spend like irresponsible prince; that should be stopped. That is management. [break] …especially is that the religion means to make a class of men, simply idle… What is? Opiate…? What is called?”


“Opiate of the people.”

(Conversation Continues in Next Segment)

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