Making a “Case” for the Reconstitution of Srila Prabhupada’s “Mission”

"Moving Forward"
Section "Two"

The Management of Srila Prabhupada’s “Mission” Issue?

Segment 36.6
On Management in General
Morning Walk, March 12, 1974, Vrindhavan
Part 1

Morning Walk — March 12, 1974, Vrindhavan:


“It will be constituted, that. Their business will be to exploit the poor citizens. And they will be embarrassed and harassed so much: by one side, no sufficient rain, and therefore scarcity of food, and the other side, taxation by the government. In this way, the people will be so much harassed that they’ll give up their home and go to the forest. Very pity… Unless they take to Krishna consciousness, they’ll not be saved. The varnasrama college has to be established immediately. Everywhere, wherever we have got our center, a varnasrama college should be established to train four divisions: one class, brahmana; one class, ksatriya; one class, vaisya; and one class, sudra. But everyone will be elevated to the spiritual platform by the spiritual activities which we have prescribed. There is no inconvenience, even for the sudras.”

Passerby: Jayo!

Prabhupada: “Hari Krishna.”


“Are sudras supposed to take sannyasa also?”


“No, why?”




“Those who are sudras, they should not be allowed to take sannyasa. Only those who are qualified brahmanas, they’ll be allowed to take sannyasa.”


“Ksatriyas used to take sannyasa too?”


“Ksatriyas… Some of them. Not all.”

(Conversation Continues in Next Segment)

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