Making a “Case” for the Reconstitution of Srila Prabhupada’s “Mission”

"Moving Forward"
Section "Two"

The Management of Srila Prabhupada’s “Mission” Issue?

Segment 36.7
On Management in General
Morning Walk, March 12, 1974, Vrindhavan
Part 2

Guru dasa:

“Yudhisthira Maharaja?”


“They did not take sannyasa, but they left home. There is no need of accepting sannyasa. One has to perform the devotional activities. That is real thing. Simply by changing dress, one does not improve. Unless he takes to the, seriously, principles of devotional service. But in the Kali-yuga, they’ll think,

‘Because I have changed my dress, I have become a big sannyasi.’

You see?

‘Because I have got a sacred thread, now I am a brahmana.’

 No. There must be regular training. Hari Krishna.”


“In a varnasrama society, are most of the citizens sudras?”


“Yes. The number of sudras are always bigger. Just like in university education. The, the number of graduates and post-graduates, they’re less. Others are big, number bigger.”


“The whole idea is that at the end of everyone’s life, everyone is required to leave home, perform devotional activities, but not necessarily take sannyasa.”


“Devotional activities, either he leaves from home or not leaves, that does not matter. It must continue from the very beginning. For the management of affairs, we require to divide.

Because there are different classes of brain, so those who have very intellectual brain, they should become brahmanas. Those who are fit for management and protection, they should be trained as ksatriya. And those who are fit for producing food, taking care of the cows, they should be trained as vaisya. And the balance, they’re all sudras. This is the division. You… Everywhere you’ll find this division, natural. One class of men, very intelligent. One class of men, very strong, good brain for management, administration. (aside) Jaya. One class of men, fit for tilling the ground, field, and produce food, take care of the cows. And the balance, sudra. That is all. So, in our society, this division should be there. The most intelligent class of men, they should be engaged in preaching, reading books and instructing, taking care of Deity worship, Temple, and another class should be strong managers, that things are going on nicely. Everyone is engaged, not that eating and sleeping. Everyone must be engaged, employed. So, so if one is very much adapted for eating and sleeping, he should be engaged with plows. You see. He must be active. Otherwise, there must be dysentery, eating and sleeping. He cannot digest. Yes. So, in this way, our society should be managed. Not that

‘Give me second initiation, a sacred thread.’

And after getting it, business finished,

‘Now I am liberated. Let me eat and sleep.’

This should be stopped. We have got fifty bighas of land, and I have calculated in Mayapura, setting aside twenty bighas[1] for the temple and grazing ground for the cows, thirty bighas of land. The production should be three hundred mounds of grains. And three hundred mounds of grain, I have calculated. How much you can…?

(Conversation Continues in Next Segment)


[1]  A bigha is about 1786 square yards.

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